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Once Upon A Time...


Ivan Zhabov - ??????????: ???? Zhakov

ONCE UPON A TIME...    Interview with Olga for Shourbanov
If you ask Ivan Zhabov probably you will hear: do not know him. Who is he? A colleague of mine delighted that she met fellow countryman of Tvarditsa, said: I did not know that we're a painter from there ... And how do they know? Ivan Zhabov knows everything but stand on light and on display. Immediately understand that mountaineers with that restraint, unshakable dignity born root with An early snowdrift in her hair, as if invented because of the contrast with the resin eyebrows childishly playful eyes and smile. He says it's a complicated kind, as his paintings. In any case, just as native as them. Straight path in May did not vleche.Sigurno and so, as it's where he got talents alongside the many pesnopoytsi ancestors remembers a grandfather builder who did everything "crooked and beautiful." He himself singing and painting of small but taking that "learns" and cigarettes as a word is uttered home to try in the Drawing School in Kazanlak, his mother cut: "Hey, walk me smoke there freedom you?" And remains in Tvarditsa. Then apply in Ruse University "Agricultural equipment" and, sure enough, it 'a good success "send him to continue in Moscow. But after his second year engineering boring. He learned the science is drowned him, except that it "completely excited." Not that there is no imagination, but it is related to reason, for it "feelings are more faithful than logic." And again caught with painting. He began attending the free evening schools (izostudii), where he made sketches and academic (gypsum head, leg, arm ...). "His" pull it elsewhere and he knows that one day events, like where - in Moscow in Sofia or in Tvarditsa ... graduated and applied a Fellow in the Sofia Technical University. Which seamlessly takes another diploma. In fact, it's work ... His interests are dependent on it so far as they provide relative financial comfort. Because one that teaches singing objectives 8-9 years, even traveling on tour in Europe as a chorister, bass-baritone (a solo career did not reach the links!), And secondly - continues to draw most "hard". Democratic changes leave him on the street. Done is last in the MEI, starting with the first "liberated". Not choice but to sell art to "Crystal". The fastest liquid turns small sculptures in bronze. Perhaps because "abroad bronze is expensive." But it was not destined to go unnoticed. "My first exhibition in 1991 made it Zaimova Annie, a very nice lady from the gallery" Hemus ". I'm going there with two pictures and expect, as usual, to tell me: "Come on, fuck off" and she says, 'Oh! I'll put them in the window these things and sell them. " I do not believe it, of course. But I went the next day, they were really in the window, and on the other were gone. She said: "Listen, Ivan, let you do a show." I dogged by joy, I worked all summer exhibition arose. There purchases, a great event! After that I began to get bolder, I met other people who helped me buy my paintings, I have over 15 exhibitions in Sofia ... " Ivan Zhabov catching discharged in Tvarditsa high school knowledge of our history ( "It taught us a disgrace and fled from the hours ...") with stacks of reading material - "everything came out for" Bulgarians ". Proud of his Bulgarian gene, although it is not "modern". He knows all about us an ancient past - from Volga Bulgarians to settlers from his own end in the land of Bessarabia. "The feeling of belonging is a must. You should drink somewhere. I feel the song. I had to come a long way to get to the folk song. I might feel I know how to sing it ... "He wants his work" sound like verse and melody. " And as techniques ... And they are part of an effort to "eternal things" ... "I remember most is retained in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow before the Fayum mummy portraits - one painting that person him dizzy. And the other thing that attracted me strongly, were some small Egyptian boats with colorful men who stood much forever ... And although wood, fate, God had saved for us. " Perhaps there comes this taste for wood carving and compositions. Although the explanation of Ivan Zhabov is "natural" - "I just feel the tree." Folk legends narrated by the artist with a brush and chisel, with the inherent "two-dimensionality of the legendary time" (past explains the present) really "sound", follow the curves of bezmenzurna melody, rhythm, pitch Horo, sladkoglasieto of refrains and lakardiite, focusing as in magical mirror mystical world in which "Nightingale knows ninety-nine language" ... The people and creatures in this world are participating in a ritual dance, in some intimate message goodness and mercy written in different "scenes" and give ikonopisnost where iconography gone. Female Mother and bonny "little girls" male Iisusovtsi and "are single, are heroes" knit and unraveled the symbolism of folk song, with them 'whistles and drums "with what" against my going sevdyona / gray horse ehashe / blue saddle standing "with faith, superstition and dreams ... Ivan Zhabov acknowledges that often dreams of his future paintings. And they are again in the song: "So the summer preletnahme / kundisahme Below here / here bellow river / Mudra not eaten Sedona / shuffle cold iodine ..." wonder is that their engineering education this artist has never sought easy solutions of tasks sets. Not because he does not know the correct answer, but because it is convinced that it is never unequivocal. "I always doubt. In uncertainty there is more art than in completeness, in brilliant finish. " Maybe so relies mostly on intuition, impulses of the soul. "If a person wants to do something worthwhile in art must be able to walk in the dark to himself and if he found something nice to show it." I think it would be nice to have one of his paintings in your home. To us never pass the magic of that fairy tale "Once Upon a Time" ...
Interview with Olga for Shourbanov cultural dvumesechnik "ek", 2003 number 56    www.aba.government.bg

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